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A good reason for a walk!

QR Code Game

Posted by admin on June 30, 2015

qr_yt_new_studio.jpgYou know QR Codes, do you? These are those black and white squares scanned by the smartphones to decode information stored in it... In fact you can encode any text or website link in QR Code... So what is this game about? It's sort of a good, long walk with a QR twist. You walk in the city, scan codes and go where the codes tell you to go. You collect various navigation tips to find places, things, people and possibly prizes funded by the companies involved in creating The QR Game.

From the players' point of view it is fun to visit interesting places in the city, and collect another QR tips to know how to follow the route to a potential prize. It would be also nice to have a free coffee somewhere along the way... But how, you can ask?

Well... The companies affiliated with the game admin would apply for becoming a host for some code issued by the admin and either pay the admin for the possibility of holding a code or provide game player with free coffee / soda / hamburger. Probably not everyone - but for example: 'every 10th person scanning the code in a restaurant gets free chips or a burger'. The host of a code has the good possibility to offer a cola to the burger and some hungry or thirsty player would happily buy something more than the provided freebie. So it is profitable for affiliated businesses to have a lot of visitors in their pubs, restaurants, cinemas, shops etc. It is just a matter of getting the code from the admin, keeping it for players and collecting potential profits in connection with massive crowd's visits.

But the affiliate companies can also sponsor grand prizes for players - they get a couple of codes and create a 'little mission' inside a game. That mission is strictly connected with those companies' products and services. Players who wish to take part in the mission, agree for example to have a dinner in a restaurant and thanks to that they become elligible to scan some secret code that can lead them for example to some nice spa hotel where they can spend a weekend, if they get to the place first of this whole group elligible. Or maybe the first ten people are granted that spa weekend. But how to get there? One must dig into the city and look for codes with a logo of the host of 'this little spa mission'. Once found the code - the player would be presented with navigation tips like: 'go straight for a mile then 10 feet left plus look for another code in the nearest store display', for example... The users walk in pursuit of those tips, find them, and finally they get to the spa hotel to be told the room number where they will be accomodated :]

So, various contests can be created with this game - not only cou can collect the little nice souvenirs sposored by code holders. You can have some free food and maybe a good drink or even a cold and tasty beer somewhere. Moreover, everyone is happy, for the fact the game admin gets the cash from affiliated companies, and spend it on game develompment. Players are happy, for game is fun, and one likes to watch a free good film whilst having had eated a good tasty free burger a moment before... Just for scanning the code in a cinema restaurant. And finally - affiliates raise profits by selling goods and services to the players visitting their stores to scan the codes.

Another contest could be some prize for visitting e.g. more than 15 places in one day. So, it looks like there should be a complicated net of various routes in the city, for the fact the game cannot be boring. It shouldnt be just a group of players following one way in a line e.g. from tesco to wallmart to subway and then to some opera or whatever. So how to avoid this boredom? Hmm... Why not create junctions or 'decision points', where players choose their own way to follow? Like they are presented with the choice of going left, right or straight forward... If they don't like it anyhow - they can get back to the previous junction and choose the other way. It is an element of surprise in the game, for the fact that only the great admin has the full map of all the routes and their inter-relations in the city. Admin can create new junctions, pin prizes on the map, add companies, remove them, if they don't wish to pay anymore, etc... And users never know where they are going unless they find 'the last stop' or 'the dead end' of the route to find a grand prize over there, like a new car or a trip for two to some nice tropical island.

It would be hard to find a grand prize, but the more one plays, the better chance he/she has of getting the prize. The players could create their own maps with the places they already visitted and codes they already scanned... Such private maps would e extremely useful for marking junctions to find the right way to the 'dead end with the grand prize'. But why not make a clan and combine forces of several friends together? Wow... Imagine city covered with blokes with maps, scanning the codes wherever they are, and looking for a proper route... Calling the others where they are and which direction they had chosen to explore a new way. In every clan there would be one 'map guru' to coordinate the whole clan's movements, and give tips to particular clan members to avoid situatios like exploring the same route by two clan members, or following something to be described as round robin routes :]

And if you imagine some city's map as a big puzzles, it is becoming even more interesting - you can grant every user (for a dollar, a pound sterling or a euro for example) a single puzzle in the game and let them build the map, or just part of the map. Of course a puzzle is just another QR Code - in this case sent by a text or email. Provided there is a good application for the game, it opens endless possibilities of real-time maps creation / adjustment and also traffic steering... You can make 'crowd meetings' just by adding stickers with codes pointing to one location at one specified time :] (and e.g. create some happening there)

So... The most important thing is - printing QR codes is cheap and everyone can do it. The admin can make a website to coordinate the game's progress, and keep the players posted with news like contests, and new junctions on the map. I suggest every admin to talk with the local newspapers to hold the codes in their newspapers as well... The circulation would rise, and the admin would get cash for it, to have this spent on game develompment...

Summarizing - the QR codes game is a game of various relations between different groups of users of this game. And noone loose a penny on it. Everyone gains various profits in an elegant fun and healthy way... QR codes game is a good reason for a walk !!!