Highway Chargers

The free electricity by your car...

Highway Chargers

Posted by admin on August 21, 2014

So what are highway chargers? Those imaginary power plants are located near highways, freeways, roads, bicycle roads, pathways, whatever...

[pathways are a joke of course]

Look at my great artwork below to imagine the idea first:


Well - it would work like this: the moving cars would produce electromagnetic field by magnets on the right side of them - on the door for example.

Those magnets in connection with some electric power capturing devices placed on sides of the road, would change the electromagnetic field into electricity.

That electricity would be then transfered to local electric plants. Those local electric plants would then send the summarized lecetricity to the local houses.

That's it! You can have the electric power for free wherever there are cars and roads.

And when you, as the car owner agree to place a magnet on your car, you would support the houses where you drive, but you will be supported by the cars that drive nearby your house.

And thus - you dont have to pay the state plants for the electricity - the more you drive, the cheaper power you have at home. So you buy only the missing bit if you drive not much.

One more thing - if you find this idea implementable - please patent it in your own country and don't let your state do it by themselves and force people to place those magnets and support the state to produce electricity for them, to be then sold to you for money...

BTW - hybrid and electric cars can load their batteries on route with this system working the other way round. They wouldn't have to stop for charging.

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