Sat nav dum dum game

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Sat nav dum dum game

Posted by admin on February 16, 2014

car.jpgI was once thinking of several sat nav games, but there are plenty of them now. I am wondering if someone is already playing what I call dum dum :P

If there are two cars going opposite way one car could 'shot' the other one provided they are in different clans. Clans could be registered on websites and users could earn some points for shooting other clans' members.

I imagine it could work by pressing some button when the sat nav announces that enemy is in the bluetooth range. The shot's accuracy could be based on the distance - the one to shoot first (from the longer distance) has less chances to hit. Like in cowboys' duels.

The other game could be for mobile phones - it could use not only gunshots but some grenades or even rockets (and why not mines planted around the city?). Provided the users' aiming is correct and the enemy is not too fast he/she could earn points for another hit. Points could be exchanged for new weapons etc. on a games' website.

Basically - something like sat nav paintball... Or war game...