Who is Slaughtre?

The nickname Slaughtre sticked to me when I was back at college. Some friends started to call me so, for my deep interest in guns and women. There was a film about a detective called Slaughter who shared my interests, and I only swapped the two trailing letters to be web-unique.

Who am I?

Just a mid 30-ies IT passionate. I love thinking, especially when I'm not paid for this. Yet when someone wishes to pay I might think :]


What next?

On this website I will present you with couple of my ideas. For those of you who are back here - I will constantly publish new articles and maybe some music as well. Feel free to sign my guestbook !

If you want to connect with me (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) use my about.me page!

Or to directly contact me, use this link to send me an email.