sh_thumbnail.jpgHello there!

This is my first blog entry on the new website with the default (yet very nice) picture.

Soon I will get to my articles archive and publish back here at some of my ideas.

For now I test the new capabilities of concrete5 content management system - so called cms for short.

Let us have configu - rational fun :]


[23 Feb 2014]  :  BIG UPDATE!

I have already published some of my old texts and music.

Feel free to explore - menu is on the right.

And below my sample track called "Tides Reach" ready to be downloaded - just right click it and "save target as" to your disk.




And below get a sample of this tune:

please install the flash player

[30 Apr 2015] ANOTHER BIG UPDATE!!!

I have invented a new social media game that is mixing the virtual reality of the internet with the physical reality of the world surrounding us... I am spreading the word about this around the world and soon I will publish the idea here - for free, as usually :]

[30 June 2015] QR Code Game

The above described project is now available here :]


Tip for a coffee :]