Forceback shotgun

Dual mode shotgun

explosion.jpgHave you ever played a paintball game? I have. It's fascinating... Not only because of shooting, but being shot can be fun as well (as long as the bullet is the jelly one filled with paint :)

Yet every time I was trying to shoot one of my friends I had a feeling this game lacked in reality. No... I don't want to shoot my friends in real - I don't mean that... I mean, when I pull a trigger of a paintball gun there is no bang - there is only tick or clap - depends on a model you use. That is not as fun as shooting with a proper gun when you feel the force of the explosion in your hand.

So? Why not combine explosion effect with a paintball gun? Let us just put two mechanisms into one gun - one for making shot noise and force of a shot and one for accelerating jelly bullet as in normal paintball guns. If done so, the shell without a proper bullet would just explode and the jelly bullet accelerated with a carbon dioxide would fly away to hit the target.

This would be more real than just a paintball gun.

Some other implications below:

If you use this gun to carry for self defense it would be useful as well. Just shoot in the air and no one knows if it was a proper bullet or a paintball one. The attacker should be scared enough. If not - shoot the target attacking you and the shock should be even more scary - he feels the hit and hears the shot. But what then? He would notice it's a paintball gun fast, so run away quickly or fix yourself a gun than functions in two different modes. First mode as described - second mode: unlock the mechanism that shoots with proper bullets and neutralize the bastard!

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