Bet-ter website

You'd better bet :]

Did you ever hear: "I bet you don't..."? Or maybe something similar? Read on...

Well... If you like to bet on things you could use my idea to create a website for yourself and the other people to bet on things. The user could make a statement, for example: "I bet that this idea is not to be implemented" to bet on. The others could bet if really this idea will or will not be implemented.

People could have some 100 points for betting on account registration and they could choose how much they would bet on someone elses (or theirselves') bets. If they win a bet the number of won points from the bet's pool is assigned proportionally to their bet. Like in gambling.

It would be somewhat similar to polling system, but it would include a factor of rivalry and would be more interesting that standard surveys. From the website administrator's point of view, it would provide statistical data about users' interests, and categories, groups, clubs, whatever, of their choice.

There could be a group of people who bet on which team would win the match, or a club of car fanatics, who would bet which car would win the speed competition. I definitely would bet on the topic related to: when winblows will be replaced by Linux, or when there will be a standard human thoughts interface accesible via some computer programmable API.

What is even more interesting in this idea is the competitive element as a [possibly] new thing in social websites [did anyone hear about such betting system?]. People love to compete and I think such website could make people more active, as they would like to influence on reality to make their bets win. For example: I bet 99 points you will not leave a comment under this blog entry - will you leave it for those points?

What if you could exchange points for prizes? Well... It's the other idea I will write about some other time, in some other blog entry as it will be a separate entity. Tell me what you think, please - and [as always] feel free to implement the idea if it's worth coding it.

Would you bet like this?
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Betting is bad!
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