Electro bookmark

Bookmarking made easy

Well... If you like reading books like me, you might find this idea interesting. Have you ever wondered, if it was possible to open an analog (old style) paper book on a page you want, just with a single 'click of the finger'? Yes it is possible, and this is one of my simplest ideas. Read below.

Did you ever see some very thin metal strip that some countries' money notes have in it? It's for protection in notes, but it can be for bookmarking in paper books. Metal is elegtromagnetic field potent and if magnetised it can stick.

So if we have a metal strip on every page of the book and we have a magnet in a cover of the book we are half way done. We will also need some steering chip and some touchpad - it can be simple two pieces of plastic and a circuit like found in every modern keyboard.

I think it might work like a system for bookmarking any page you like to bookmark, or it can even have a pre-configured bookmarks. For example - I have a great Linux manual (Linux Desk Reference) that have Linux commands printed on both inside covers, accompanied by numbers of the pages where the definitions of particular commands can be found. I would be one of the happiest men in the world if I have this book electro-bookmarked so I could just touch the command name I currently need and it opens on a page I like.

What is more - there could be links inside text on pages that would open the other pages like this - single touch of the finger.

This bookmarking device could be operated with batteries, but it could self-generate electricity, because reading is moving pages, and if there are at least two magnets moving and a wire around there is electricity in the wire for free. It looks like it could be self charging device.

Again - please feel free to use the idea but I kindly ask you to tell me what you think about it.


Electro bookmark idea is:
It's an alien technology
NASA knew it before you

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