Flying torpedoe

It flies under the water!

Flying torpedoe

Posted by admin on August 9, 2014

Well... I am not joking. This torpedoe could really fly under water, if designed as below:

First, get a torpedoe of a size and flavour you like. Just be sure you've got an engine powerful enough to power a huge microwave cannon placed at the front of the torpedoe. This cannon, with the aid of microwaves, will effectively change a wall of water into a cloud of steam.

Provided the cannon is powerful enough the cloud of steam will provide a torpedoe an air before it to fly into. So there have to be another engine in it to provide the torpedoe with the energy to fly.

When I had a nice vacations abroad, and discussed the idea with one fellow I was told it couldn't be stealth to the ships on the surface, as they could see the bubbles of air, appearing just after the underwater flying torpedoe. So they could easily spot the missile, and neutralize it with some anti-flying-torpedoe-neutralizing-stuff.

Hmm... I was nearily abandoning thinking on this idea, yet a solution came to my mind some time after that chat. You would just need another engine, placed at the back of the torpedoe. This one, on the other hand would turn the warm air around the torpedoe into a water back.

It just have to be be powerful enough device, somewhat similar to a huge vacuum cleaner, that would suck all the bubbles of steam inside itself, then cool the steam back into cold water, and spit it out as the liquid just at the end of the torpedoe.

So, it will look like a missile flying in the cloud under the water. A cloud that begins couple feet before to free the way to fly, and ends a few feet after to close the air corridor silently and stealth to prying eyes of enemies on the surface. Nice!

BTW - one thing came to my mind while writing this text - if it is to be a water - air missile, it could loose the third engine (water coolling one) just a moment before it goes off the water. Just to make it lighter while actually flying in the air.

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