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signature_2.jpgI've heard about handwriting programs that can scan a human written text and compose the other texts using the scanned pattern. One can print it, but it still look like a printout. It doesn't have a depth left by a pen, pencil, or ball-pen. How about creating a device that perfectly imitates human handwriting?

How about designing something like a plotter, that holds a pen or whatever, and draws text with the proper pressure onto the paper? It would look like an original handwriting.

I know of two problems - first of all it would be a long development process to make a program that exactly immitates the handwriting pressure. Every human hand put more or less force in the specific part of the given letter. So it would be lots of scanning to get just enough patterns to make the printout looking genuinely.

Second problem - slightly lighter to solve, but more costly to produce - is a 3D scanner. Such a scanner should scan XYZ coordinates of the handwriting. "Z" would be depth.

One could use a transparent pad (maybe similar to touchpad) made of some kind of dense gum. The gum should be transparent, so small and very sensitive cameras would scan the depth of the writing pen on the scanner and record the coorditates.

It's just an idea - maybe using some sensor in the pen that measures the pressure would be also ok. Or maybe scanning ready text for depth with light flashing and measuring the wavelenght of the reflexes?

The possible and easiest application for this device would be signing hundreds of letters in a big company by a boss' signature - if he/she scans some dozens of signature examples, the device could randomly print it, so it there would be slight possibility for two colleagues from the same office to receive a letter with exactly the same signature.

The other, rather moral problem - some people could use this device for criminal purposes like forging contracts, or whatever they could think of...

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