Paper disk

Colour pixels instead of bits

Paper disk

Posted by admin on August 13, 2014

I've got an idea - what do you think of using color pixels instead of traditional binary bits?

Imagine you put your favourite picture taken last time you had been to the mountains into a scanner and in a couple of seconds you transfer terabytes of data hidden in the picture's pixels into your pc / laptop / palm / phone... You could print your own postcards with your favourite printer and encode some videos, image galleries, documents in the image's pixels on the fly. And you could send it to a friend using traditional mail!

We can substitute metal plate like in the traditional hard disk with a piece of paper to write pixels on it. Pixels unlike electromagnetic bits don't have to be binary only - light have various [plenty] values of colour. And you could write only 0 or 1 in the hard disk (there is magnetic field [1] or there is not [0])

So we can for example use hexadecimal system of light shades to write data on a piece of paper, picture, or some other medium we could write colours to. If we use hexadecimal instead of binary we could get thousands if not millions of more data storage space in the same size (number) of data cells.

What is more interesting - we don't have to limit to use 16 colours (hexadecimal) - we can use thousands of colours in fact.

And input / output device could be a scanner / printer.

Simple... Isn't it?

While this idea came to my mind a couple years ago I found out one guy is already working on it - check this link out:  Rainbow Storage

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