Teaching suit

A suit that enhances the process of teaching

Teaching suit

Posted by admin on March 12, 2014


People use eyes and ears to learn... What about the sense of touch? How about invisible drawings on your skin to better remember data like math diagrams?

The more senses you use while learning - the better you remember, the more you know. Sense of touch could also be used while learning process to stimulate imagination and memory.

How about laying in a comfy bed watching math lessons on screen, listening to relaxing music and having diagrams drawn on your back? Or how about having your toddler child tought alphabet with letters drawn on his belly?

It could be accomplished in several different ways. First of all we would need some header to draw, and some interface to program a header what to draw. A header could be connected to some plotter like device that would control it's movement on the body. But human body is soft and machines could be tough - it could easily sctarch you if not carefully designed.

I think we could use some header that draws with an electromagnetical field on a skin covered with some electricity conducting creme. One could wear a cloth with magnetical header, or even better - with a matrix of ma[gneti]xels, that would draw or print ready patterns, like pictures.

There could be several grades of intensity of the electromagnetical field, according to the voltage of the electricity used, so more important things drawned could be highlighted with more electromagnetical pressure on skin.

The same effect could be done with some warmth / cold drawing header - instead of slight electrical itch one could feel temperature instead

NOTE: The electricity conducting creme should be dermatologically tested of course, and I would first research if electromagnetical drawings wouldn't harm neurological system.

I think also senses of smell and taste could be associated with getting knowledge - so there could be some smell emitting device programmed so it associates smells with a piece of information and one could be given some various tasty meals while learning particular topics :]

The gadget based on this idea could be a watch with an electromagnetical maxels matrix to draw reminders as symbols on your wrist without using a sound or light. It would be silent and stealth to teachers on exams :]

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